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Global supplier of parts for the automotive market


Teams caring to our customers’ needs

Our organization, from design of product in close collaboration with our customers until the run production meets the expectations of contractors.

Project teams strengthened by our referents (Casting and Machining) according to needs allow a support and a follow-up, both protected from an Efficient Industrialisation. Technical excellence, Responsiveness and Efficiency : three assets preserved by the Focus of our organisation.


Some important means of control for a greater autonomy of the teams

Our laboratories are able to carry out all the necessary expert investigations in the production of car parts :
• spectrometric analysis,
• thermal analysis to validate the effectiveness of metallurgical treatments,
• observation of structures for full understanding and control of the material.

They checks may be complemented by radioscopy, mechanical test on finished, on cores or specimen and hardness tests. Our laboratories are also equipped with facilities for comparing the actual dimensions of a part with its cas design, means of measuring the cleanliness of a part and even thermographic measurement facilities.

Lastly, dimensional checks and statistical monitoring of critical characteristics can be done on our several three-dimensional measuring machines.

We also have many other control equipments : Formtracer, Roundtest, Surftest, Automatic Cleanlineness Analysis System…

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France / Mexico

Groupe SAB has five production sites to meet its customer needs.

  • SAB Matour

    Groupe SAB, fonderie, moulage, assemblage et usinage - SAB Matour

    Automotive : Gravity Die casting

    Matour - Saône-et-loire - France

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  • SAB Montmerle

    Groupe SAB, fonderie, moulage, assemblage et usinage - SAB Montmerle

    Automotive : : Machining and Assembly

    Montmerle-sur-saône - France

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  • SAB Thevenin

    Groupe SAB, fonderie, moulage, assemblage et usinage - SAB Thevenin

    Automotive : High pressure Die casting

    Champagnole - France

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  • SAB Nafta

    Groupe SAB, fonderie, moulage, assemblage et usinage - SAB Nafta

    Automotive : Gravity Die casting and Machining

    Guadalajara - Mexique

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    High Pressure Die Casting

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    Machining on Iron and Forged parts

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